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What to Expect from a Consultation...

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No Need to Clean Up!

No need to worry about cleaning or straightening up for me!  The last thing you need as a parent is to stress about dirt or mess.  So, keep your focus on caring for your family and I will keep my focus on helping your baby and you with your breastfeeding journey.


It’s best to hold off feeding your baby for 1-2 hours before our consultation so your baby will be interested in feeding.  This is how we can best assess your situation.  However, we know how unpredictable babies can be, so, if your baby’s hunger can’t be held off, it’s not the end of the world.  A baby who is too hungry won’t be cooperative either.  

A Consultation Consists of:

  • Health history of parent & baby

  • Baby weight check before & after feeding to assess intake volume

  • Observation of feeding including positional guidance

  • Examination of baby including oral assessment to identify anatomical & functional abilities

  • Education regarding pumping and bottle-feeding

  • Pump flange size fitting for optimal pumping output and comfort

  • Recommendations and care plan specific for your baby and you


A report of our findings will be forwarded to your baby’s pediatrician and any other relevant providers after each consultation.


All consultations include email follow-up.  If questions arise after our time together, you can always send a message.

Questions?  Email:

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